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pregnant woman in hard hat

under construction party
An Under Construction Party is a fun baby shower theme.




Buy personalized shower invitations or make invitations in the shape of a construction hat or dump truck. Include a photo of mom-to-be in a construction hat or with yellow caution tape wrapped around her stomach. More invitation ideas.

Decorate the party area with construction zone signs, yellow caution tape and yellow and black balloons. Display construction toys and tools. More decoration ideas.

Games & Activities
Develop a list of significant childhood events for both the future mom and dad, such as broke finger playing basketball or won 5th grade spelling bee. Have guests guess whether each event happened to mom or dad.
More game and activity ideas.

Serve sandwiches or pizza. Serve pretzels or cookies in the back of clean (new) toy dump trucks. Make cupcakes or cake with cookie crumb dirt and mini toy trucks or make a dump truck brownies. More refreshment ideas.

Shower Favors
Give guests a toy dump truck filled with chocolate candies or a potted flowering plant. More favor ideas.

Special Gift Ideas
Give the mom-to-be toy trucks, building blocks and baby overalls.
More gift ideas.