Little Prince Baby Shower

A fun baby shower theme for the mom who’s expecting a little prince.

Buy personalized shower invitations or make invitations in the shape of a castle or coat of arms. Or roll up invitations and tie with a ribbon like a scroll or royal decree.

Decorate the party area with drawings or posters of castles and knights’ shields. Use balloons and streamers in the royal colors like blue, purple and gold.

Games & Activities
Provide paper, glue and stickers for quests to make royal crowns.

Make a coin toss game where guests try to throw their coins into open baby bottles or empty baby food jars. If a guest gets a coin in a jar or bottle, award a small prize. Collect all the thrown coins and place them in a piggy bank for the baby.

Match the names of fairytale princes with their story.

Serve sandwiches, salads, chips and sparkling soda.

Shower Favors
Give guests a fragrant candle.