Baby Shower Helpful Hints

Here are 10 Hints to help you pull off a successful shower without going crazy, busting your budget, or taking the week off from work!

Check out our Baby Shower Planning Guide and Baby Shower FAQs for additional strategies.

#1) Consider the Mom-to-Be
Where is she most comfortable? What time of day does she have the most energy? Does she enjoy large crowds or intimate small groups. Tailor the size, time, and location of the party to make the shower a joyful event for the mom-to-be!

#2) Prioritize
There are so many fun things you can do, buy, and make for a baby shower that the shower can sometimes become bigger and fancier than it really needs to be. This means extra work, extra cost, and probably less fun for all those involved in making the shower happen. Focus on the things that are really key to the shower and most important to the mom-to-be, her friends, and family.

#3) Budget
Don’t spend more than you want or need to. If you’re on a tight budget, keep the shower short, small, and schedule it for a time of day when you aren’t expected to provide a full meal.

#4) Plan
Develop a good outline and time line for the shower. Use our Planning Guide to determine what needs to be done when. Have back-up plans in case of rain, a no-show caterer, etc.

#5) Prepare
Do as much ahead of time as possible. Then you won’t be in a panic if you get a cold the week before the shower or have a big work project dumped in your lap.

Prepare all the shower favors and games/activities a couple weeks ahead. Then you can spend the days before the shower focusing on the things that really must wait until the last minute, such as preparing the food and putting up the decorations.

#6) Take Short Cuts
Identify the things you can purchase ready-made or pay someone else to do. Your “I’ll do it myself” list should focus on the things you have to do because they’re either not available or too expensive to purchase and the things you really want to do, because it’ll be fun. Maybe you’d really like to make the shower invitations, even though you could easily buy them.

#7) Get Help
Give family and friends some responsibilities. A friend can pickup the balloons, a sister can setup the games, grandma can bake the cupcakes. Ask friends to use their unique talents to help… your artistic friend can make a banner, your gourmet cook friend can help with the food.

#8) Be Realistic
Don’t think everything has to be perfect… it won’t be. If you want to look at books for ideas… fine, but remember life is rarely picture perfect!

There will always be something you’d do differently if you had it to do over again. Some game you thought would be a big hit will be too easy, too difficult, or too slow. Some food you thought guests would devour will go untouched. Don’t dwell on it.

#9) Be Flexible
Plan and prepare, but don’t freak out when things don’t go as planned. Be ready to shift gears if a game or activity isn’t a big hit. Be ready to go to plan B.

#10) Have Fun
Showers are a great opportunity to share a good time with friends and give the mom-to-be a special memory.